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*If you have no audio, please note that on both the iPad and the iPhone, there is a side switch, which can be set to mute the device.  Please check this, if it is engaged, just flip it and you should be able to hear the app.*

*** NEW FEATURE of the Yoga Asana Index app: Yoga Asana Sequencer ***

A revolutionary way for yoga teachers to develop lesson plans, or to create a custom sequences for personal practice:

  • Use the poses in the Yoga Asana Index to create your own yoga sequence!
  • Over 270 different yoga poses and variations to choose from!
  • Yoga teachers, creating a lesson plan for your class has never been this easy!
  • Simple to create, and edit
  • Test out your sequences first before teaching it!
  • Specify the duration that each pose is to be held
  • May also be used for your own personal practice
  • Add music from your iTunes library!
  • Print the sequence or email it as a PDF!

Yoga Asana Index is a comprehensive, interactive yoga pose index for the iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch:

  • Features 270 different yoga poses and variations, with more to come...
  • Alternate angles of some poses are given to clarify a posture where necessary
  • The name of each pose is rendered in Devanagari, standard transliteration, and English translation
  • A layperson's pronunciation guide is given, enhanced by an audio recording
  • Common alternate names a pose is known by are referenced
  • Pictorial section is organized as one maha yoga asana practice
  • Poses may be viewed categorically, by name or photo
  • A convenient Sanskrit Index, as well as, English Index is provided
  • Yoga Index is completely searchable
  • Includes the revolutionary Yoga Asana Sequencer!

Yoga Index is a wonderful way to learn your poses, learn new poses, learn how to pronounce the names of the poses, or just be inspired by the seemingly endless variety and variation of yoga poses!

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According to both oral tradition and the traditional yoga texts, there are 8.4 million yoga poses, one for each of the 8.4 millions species of creatures.   Curiously, none of the texts describe all 8.4 million of them*.   Only a few dozen mat-fuls of poses are elaborated upon: Hatha Yoga Pradipika proposes that 84 poses were taught by Shiva, but details only 15;   Gheranda Samhita states that Shiva spoke of asanas by the millions, but clarifies only 32 poses that are "useful".

More modern endeavors to catalog the yogic postures also amounted to a few zeros shy of the touted millions.   Most significant is the de-facto yoga asana Bible of BKS Iyengar, Light on Yoga (1966) that covers 200 poses.   Also notable is Dharma Mittra's ubiquitous poster of 908 postures (1984); it is, however, replete with variations and new inventions.

In the first decade of the first century of the third millennium, our own asana cataloging efforts began quietly when we compiled photographs of poses for our Yoga Teachers' Training manual.   Metamorphosis being unstoppable, our catalog of yoga poses transformed into an online index and gallery of yoga poses in 2004.

Now, we are pleased to present the newest incarnation of this project: the first ever Yoga Asana Index in the form of an app: albeit exceedingly expanded and enhanced; not etched on palm leaves but encoded in 1s and 0s.   New wine must, after all, be poured in new wine skins.

Currently offering contains 270 yoga poses, we do confess that we have our third eye on the lofty goal of 8.4 million (in other words, we will be making frequent, free updates to the Yoga Asana Index with more poses ).   Perhaps what oral tradition and the traditional yoga texts did not give us, we shall receive from our fellow present day yoga asana practitioners and innovators.   But from whence cometh their inspiration?   Only Shiva knows...

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