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*If you have no audio, please note that on both the iPad and the iPhone, there is a side switch, which can be set to mute the device.  Please check this, if it is engaged, just flip it and you should be able to hear the app.*

The Yoga Sutra for the iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch: an original, novel yet perfectly logical way to read, study, listen to, and learn to chant the Yoga Sutra - using digital palm-leaves, aka. flashcards!   This is the long awaited modern update to an ancient classic!

But this is not just an e-Book, or a set of flashcards; Yoga XTC's Yoga Sutra app is many things rolled into one:
  • A new, remarkably readable and comprehensible English translation of the Yoga Sutra
  • An effective tool for learning to read the sutras in the Devanagari script
  • A powerful way to learn the sounds of the Yoga Sutra - sutra by sutra, or word by word - an audio recording is just a tap away
  • The Search function is essentially a convenient Sanskrit-English Yoga Sutra dictionary - ever wonder where "asana" is mentioned in the Yoga Sutra? Search and instantly discover its context within the Yoga Sutra!

atha yoganushasanam

The Yoga Sutra app features:
  • The complete Yoga Sutra - 4 chapters and 196 Sutras
  • Each sutra is rendered in the Devanagari script
  • Each sutra is transliterated and translated into English
  • Each sutra is broken down and translated word-by-word
  • Each sutra and word is recited in Sanskrit
  • Sutras are loopable to aid study and memorization - you decide how many sutras you want to loop
  • Customizable - you can read in Devanagari only, Transliteration only, English only, or Devanagari and Transliteration on one side, and English on the other
  • You can choose to read sutra-by-sutra, word-by-word, or both word-by-word with the words strung together as the full sutra.
  • All bundled in an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design!

Experience the ancient technology of Yoga via the modern technology of an app, and enjoy a rewarding experience of the Yoga Sutra!

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